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World Map

WheelCraft Heroes is a beautiful Idle RPG with its own unique universe and storyline that can be played in realtime PvP combat in Arena with E-sport competition on any platform.

Furthermore we are integrating Interactive Streaming as an extra social layer that can be

used to influence the game matches and create interaction between the match player

and viewer in a cool new way.

We are combining two worlds – our Game WheelCraft Heroes with Active Streaming and

E-sport into something beautiful and refreshing.

World Class PvP Tournaments Battle in Real Time

E-Sport Ladder in World Class Elo based ranking system in PvP Combat
Win Epic prizes with our Wheel-Based System

  • Cast spells from “Hot bar” you can setup in real-time
  • Items Procs (attach spells to items that will proc)
  • Hero Ultimate Spell (Unique ultimate spell is cast by each hero)
  • Level up Spells (Find wheel-spells scrolls with Wheeling and level up your spells

ECO System & Economy that benefits all

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